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THE FIFTH COLUMN operated in France since 1933.  From France, we remember Calandria telling us, "many political parties, and a very burgeois populace" came out with the remark........

      "Il y'a beaucoup de fermete et de      concision aussi dans le  style de Calandria, dont l'envoy divers frit presentir la richesse d'un beau  temperament de sculpteur qui srit aimer la sobriete."

This last paragraph is in French and means "there is very much firmness and concision besides, in Calandria's style that makes present (fell in advance) the richness of a beautiful temper of sculptor that knows how to love soberness.

Juan and Challis
wedding 1941

He was on his way to camping in Greece when the war broke out, but before this, Calandria had seen the Fifth Column operating.

It was in 1933.  Since then the Fifth Columnists would cross the French territory at will, to the point that in no time France was converted into a traitor's playground.

They would come, and learn the language in two or three weeks, "buy" people and depart without fuss.
The ones Calandria knew were two students, pupils of the same academy he (Calandria) assisted, also neighbors.

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