More About Calandria

He had confidence in his own work (as a result  he should profit from France but not from Frenchmen (or French women).

He went to the Colarossi Academy, followed the courses of  Marcel Gimond, Bourdelle and studied with Charles Despiau.  He became assistant to Gimond.

His personal work culminated eventually with the Gold Medal awarded to him at the International Exposition of Paris in 1937 and the enthusiastic reception his work received at the First Hall of Contemporaneous Sculptors in 1939

Marcel Gimond

CHALLIS WALKER, the sculptress fiancé. It was exactly at the Colarossi Academy, in October of 1933 where he met for the first time Challis Walker, his fiancé for six years, and author of "Three and Three" a book for kids from 7 to 70.

They started by being classmates in Marcel Gimond's classes, later they ended as professor and student....later....well, she would come to see him once a year.  They would marry in New York in 1941.

Challis Walker

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