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(Flemish) and in 1928 he was in London scanning the National Gallery and admiring almost all the Partenon, that an English millionaire paid the Turks to have brought home piece by piece.

We (the Uruguayans) were already twice "Champions of the World" when Calandria cut loose to visit every city and every museum of Italy.  In 1934 he went to Spain then next to Switzerland to ski.

But it was in Paris where he knew hunger and art.  To escape the first one, he was compelled to pose as a "model" or to carve "plasters" for his friends.  Finally, to make a living he was teaching classes.  So, by necessity he became a professor.

About teaching, he soon discovered that it would not be possible "to sing before learning how."

Of course it was necessary to begin forming an interior order and his direct study of the galleries and museums of the great masters of Europe showed him the way.  Calandria had a sincere discipline of love and humility and became a good professor.

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