Juan José Calandria
                                              by Carlos A. Pasos

In 1926  the Uruguayans hadn't won the world football championship yet in Amsterdam when José learned "The Man With the Scissors" wasn't "Monsieur Andrad".  "The Man With the Pajamas" -- Calandria was going to Europe for four years (between 1917 and 1931 such others as Seolpini, Sgarbi, Rivello, Pose, Pena, and Michelena studied in Europe).

By this time, it was so unusual, a young man, the "Gaucho Calandria" from Canelones (one of the provinces forming Uruguay) had been bitten by the sculpture bug -- besides, and after his previous training with Cantu (one of the foremost Italian sculptors). 

By way of Hamburg and Berlin he went to Paris.  The first thing he did was to visit the Louvre and to rent a studio in Montparnasse.

The following year he traveled to Belgium and Holland, where he returned again in 1933 to study from the Flamencos

Calandria sailing to France.

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Academie Colarossi class of 1933 in Paris with Juan José Calandria seated., Marcel Gimond standing third from the right and Challis Walker standing fourth from the right.  Calandria became assistant to Gimond at the Academie and held classes in his own studio.

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